Property Insurance

Looking to get coverage on a home you're currently building? Need to insure your property you rent out to others?  Or maybe you're in the business of flipping homes, and need to insure the property before it gets sold. 

We understand the in's and out's of these kinds of policies.  

Here are some examples of property insurance policies we offer:

  • Dwelling Property Basic Form (DP1):  When compared to other property insurance polices this offers the most limited coverage.  Covers losses from Fire, Lightning, and Internal Explosion. 
  • Dwelling Property Broad Form (DP2):  Similar to the DP1 form above, this policy covers the same losses plus; damage from weight of ice, snow, and sleet.  You can cover other losses on this policy, but they will need to be specifically chosen for this policy.
  • Dwelling Property Special Form (DP3):  The most common property coverage to insure your property.  This Policy will cover all types of direct physical loss to the property except those excluded in the policy. 

Each of these property policies is now offered with Liability coverage to protect you from any legal action.  These policies can be complex and unfamiliar so contact our office today to discuss how you can properly cover your property! 



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