Auto Insurance

At Spataro & Bellino Insurance we are dedicated to providing you with the coverage, and knowledge to protect your automobile investment.  Our auto insurance carriers include Commerce Insurance, Safety Insurance, and a number of other carriers through our SANS Group Partnership.

Registry Service

Tired of waiting in line at the registry? 

Our agency has the capacity to provide you with plates for your car, and other registry functions right in our office!  This saves you the hassle of dealing with the Registry, and saves you time in the process. We can insure your car and get it on the road all in one visit. Come on by our office to experience our tremendous service!

“It’s truly rare when you can find a company that puts you at ease everytime you call. They are professional, curteous and when you unexpectedly need them, they are there to walk you through the process and take care of your claims. Thanks for taking car insurance off of my list of things to worry about.”
— Linda

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